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In this issue of the Bible Student’s Notebook (#925) we will introduce our first installment of an occasional feature: “Standardized Scripture Terminology.”

The intended purpose of this feature will be to help clarify confusing terms by standardizing their use in the pages of the BSN.

There are often many different terms used to describe the same thing related to biblical themes. This can be confusing when trying to introduce a student of Scripture to new concepts.

To reduce confusion to a minimum, it may be beneficial to have standardized terminology. Toward this end this series will develop lists of such various terminologies, with an aim of selecting the clearest ones possible for our standard of use, footnoting the alternatives.

For the first installment we have chosen to deal with the present ecclesia of the current dispensation: The One Body of the Secret Administration.

For easy reference, at the end of each BSN volume, these entries will be included in the online Master Index under “Standardized Scripture Terminology.”

Without the need of waiting for the updated BSN Master Index, these entries are also placed on our new blog at:


We trust that our readers will appreciate and benefit from the use of such additional resources.

My love to you all …


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