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Last year I received this communication from a brother who has spent the past few decades teaching the Scriptures:

I feel as though I am getting a quilt-like mosaic of learning, without the connective tissue to lend a more cohesive understanding. I suppose what I am looking for is an A-Z curriculum that builds in understanding and comprehension.

As I read this, I was reminded that there are so many gaps in the believer’s education. I am often amazed when I talk at length with many who share some of our basic understandings, at how little they really know, even among those who are actually teachers of the Scriptures.

For 33 years we have been publishing the Bible Student’s Notebook, resulting in over 7,700 pages of significant study material thus far. In the past few years we have published 34 ground-breaking compilation book series on key scriptural themes. Through Bible Student’s Press we have published and republished 515 titles. We have hundreds of hours of videos, audios and Daily Email Goodies recordings.

Yet, with all of these available resources, it must be quite an intimidating undertaking to try to navigate one’s way through it all to acquire the necessary comprehension to transition from old religious paradigms toward a true biblical framework of understanding. This situation has been a long, ongoing burden of my heart.

We certainly have no lack of material available for a comprehensive educational curriculum that would systematically build cohesive understanding in the saints – it just desperately needs organizing. We’d need to create a detailed list of subjects, and then begin to arrange them in some logical order of progression.

To be honest, producing such a project of progressive study guides would be a daunting undertaking. We already have so much work going on here that it seems we can barely keep up with the basic tasks that are daily before us. If such a curriculum would materialize, it will be because helpers arose, and/or that we completely readjust our priorities and repurpose our direction and schedule.

Only God knows.

Humbly, yours


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