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Since we work well in advance on issues of the Bible Student’s Notebook, as I write this editorial the second week of January has drawn to a close.

It is always my intention to have more frequent, personal editorials, but they seem rarely to materialize. So, as another year has closed, I will share some of the highlights of the past year.

New Titles

In 2021 we were grateful to have 36 new titles released by Bible Student’s Press, bringing our total published works to 508. We are thankful for those who so graciously and faithfully co-labor with us to make all of these rich resources available.

This past year also saw two critically needed resources graciously provided. These materials allow us to continue reaching new contacts.

New Bulk Catalog

The first resource was a newsprint catalog. This was our first bulk catalog in over 20 years. Interestingly, at the time of the printing of our last newsprint catalog we had none of our own published books, but books only from other publishers.

Bulk Book Printing

The second resource was a bulk printing of our book Nothing Will Be Lost. Having them printed in quantity allows their individual cost to be considerably less, thus enabling us to send something substantial to those who inquire concerning the ultimate salvation of all.

Outgoing Book Orders

Literature orders were brisk throughout the year, having multiple Post Office hods filled with packages going out on a daily basis.

A Visit from Dean & Chris

April of 2021 saw a treasured visit from our dear brothers Dean and Chris. Dean Wilkinson has been to the Pilkington Abbey numerous times over the years. It has always been a rich time of fellowship and study. This time Chris Carnahan came with him. What a refreshment the two of them were to us. These are men with large hearts for the truth and an ample manifestation of God’s spirit.

Dean and Chris have a great weekly video teaching on YouTube that they call simply, DCTime (Dean and Chris Time).

Clyde III, Ashley & Samuel

Due to COVID related issues we have not had our son and his family here in PA in over two years. In December Clyde III, Ashley and Samuel finally came up from FL. It was such a joyous family reunion: all of the children and grandchildren together again!

BSN 900

The Bible Student’s Notebook was designed to collect material that might have been lost or buried, as well as to record our own studies. 2021 saw us bring an end to the 800s issues and embark into the 900s. When we began this endeavor back in 1989, we never could have even imagined where this journey would lead!

Year’s End

The ending of the old year and beginning of the new is always busy for our ministry, and this was one of our busiest times in recent memory. Perhaps the reason that this time of year is so busy lies partly in the fact that folks have had time off to read and study during the holidays, and this causes them to reach out. In the first 11 months of the year we had 818 new contacts – averaging 74 a month. Yet, in December we had 204. We are certainly thankful and humbled at such response.

Our best seller during the month of December was The Salvation of All. We shipped out 155 copies.

Much gratitude fills our hearts for all of you who join with us in this work.

With love and appreciation …


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