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While some profess to be prophetic experts, we grope – to some measure or another – in the darkness with our small light. If Peter, who struggled with understanding Paul’s writings, thought that the “word of prophecy” was a “light in a dark place,” who are we to think that we have anything more?[1]

I was never really a big student of prophecy. Even prior to coming to see the significance of Paul’s special ministry I was never drawn to the subject. Afterward it all seemed even less important for my attention on a personal level. I did however accept the traditional dispensational approach to eschatology,[2] all the while admitting that there were elements that seemed strained to me. But what dispensational alternative did I have?

Then along came the idea of a Pre-Millennial Kingdom. I was first introduced to this concept in the late 1980s through the writings of Otis Sellers. Over the years I would come across other authors who also espoused this model: Steedman, Ribbens, Ballinger, Hettema, McClain, Johnson, Hammond, etc. All of these men were staunchly Pauline and were in some manner associated with either Welch or Knoch, allowing them to have some measure of respect with me.

However, this idea of a Pre-Millennial Kingdom was one that was hard for me to grasp. Needless to say, it was confusing to my prophetic paradigm. Over the years I kept returning to the subject thinking that they may have been on to something. Not until a few years ago was there some measure of real interest and comprehension.

I think we take for granted Christianity’s many systems of eschatology, not realizing how complex they are. This is especially true for traditional dispensational eschatology. This is because it was laid out for us in some simplified, understandable way by someone in whom we had some measure of trust. I highly doubt that any one of us, simply by reading and studying the Scriptures all on our own, could duplicate any of these systems of interpretation. It is all too complicated. Why so?

Well, first, prophecy is not our mail. It was not written to or about us.[3] Second, the nature of prophecy itself is complicated.[4] We know this by fulfilled prophecy. Take the passages declared to be fulfilled by Christ as an example. The nature of these Messianic prophesies, now looking back, seems nearly impossible to have fully understood prior to their fulfillment. Truly the “word of prophecy” is a “light that shines in a dark place”; at least “until the day dawn.”

Those of us who have held to a traditional dispensational interpretation of unfulfilled prophecy are embracing a system that was slowly, progressively developed by many others over time. I believe that the men listed above are simply a part of this piecemeal process of progression: “… the shining light, that shines more and more unto the perfect day” (Proverbs 4:18).

It is my sense that they were all on to something and that it is now our turn to pick up the process of advancing, collecting and clarifying what has come before, all the while with the full recognition that we live outside of the realm of prophecy and that these prophecies will not allow us to prophesy.[5]

My practical interest in the future prophetic scene is on how to relieve believers today from fear. I continue to be amazed by how many are caught up with prophetic events to the place of distraction, even to destruction of their daily lives. Even for those who embrace Paul’s gospel, it does not seem enough for them to know that he is their apostle, and that we live in the Secret Administration. These foundational truths seem to be insufficient for keeping them from looking at current events for the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy. To better respond to their misapplication of prophecy, a clearer general concept of the order of unfulfilled prophecy needs to be laid forth. The current traditional dispensational one seems to be flawed just enough to be ineffective to provide such relief. For me the understanding of a Pre-Millennial Kingdom brings a greater measure of clarity.

Grace & Peace …

[1]     See:

[2]     After all, I had (and still do) have great respect for those who taught in detail this position. One such example is Sir Robert Anderson’s The Coming Prince.

[3]     All prophecy belongs to Israel, and under the current Secret Administration, Israel and her prophecies are all in temporary abeyance. For now, Israel’s prophetic clock is on pause. For additional information on Israel’s prophetic clock, see:

[4]     For more information on the nature of prophecy, see the book:

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