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We have been publishing the Bible Student’s Notebook for over 30 years now. During this time we have progressed considerably in areas of understanding and doctrine; and for the past 15 years we have been writing and publishing books, during which we have continued to hone our grasp of truth.

Of course, the side factor in all of this is the ongoing need for book revisions. In fact, almost all of my books are in need of some type of adjustment. Some minor, others more significant. Sometimes I even read something that I wrote in the BSN only a year ago and ask myself how I would write that somewhat differently now. This a testament to advancement and growth, and thus is the nature of written teaching. These revisions may come in due course, as time and schedule permit.

However, I am reminded, for example, of Bullinger’s prolific works in this respect. His bountiful writings stretched out over portions of some 5 decades. The progress he had made over such a long period is perhaps unprecedented by any author. This is in part what we love about him, but this left his works riddled with inconsistencies. Of his 150+ books and booklets we have only one single title that fully represented his final Acts 28 position – The Foundations of Dispensational Truth. Along the way he never appeared to revise or withdraw his previous works. He just kept spending his valuable, diminishing time moving forward – advancing. Along the way he allowed all of his works to stand as they were, leaving a testament of his persistent adjustableness and progress. Although I’d certainly prefer revision, this may be my own lot on many of my titles as well.

This is why we have long encouraged our Bible Student’s Notebook readers to begin with the latest volumes and work their way backwards.


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