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God is steadily at work carrying out His purposes of grace.

This is one thing of which we can be assured!

I was reminded of that today.

We received a call this morning from a lady who has been greatly blessed by our book I Choose. She had read it, and had been passing it around to family members and friends who had been touched by it also. She called today to order 3 copies, and a copy of our book The Salvation of All.

The whole story reminded me about how the Lord works. I met this sweet lady a number of months ago on an overnight trip that my wife and I had made. She was very approachable and we shared some sweet things of the Lord with one another. When we got home we mailed her a copy of I Choose.

We never heard anything from her again until today. She had not even acknowledged having received the package. For all we knew the book had ended up somewhere on her bookcase. Yet lo and behold: God had been busy using it for His purposes all along, and we were only finding out about it today.

Suppose she had never called, but just kept passing the single copy of the book around, and it had managed to touch a few folks helping to affect a change in how they viewed the Father and their life: If we had never “heard,” would the Father’s work have been any less real or effective?

We surely like to “hear” of God’s workings, but I was reminded today that there are many “untold” stories of God’s steady work through us, His channels. We must all learn to ultimately rest in this immutable truth,

So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

Those of us who have a glimpse into our Father’s loving nature and ultimate goal, more than others, should live in the assurance of this verse, even when we are not “encouraged” by “seeing” the results. This morning, I was rightfully touched by the phone call: it meant a lot to us; but it is as if I could feel the Father smiling at me, saying, “Did you really need that as proof that I am always working?”

It was indeed evidence that God is moving and working; but it is even more a reminder that He is doing so in many more ways that we will ever truly perceive here in this stage of life, and that it is His work to encourage us from time to time by allowing us to “see” just a small glimpse into His great, eternal work.

We are all on a journey: the Great Adventure of Faith!


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